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The Simple Process Of Making Money Online#

This is the simple, proven process of making money online.

At the core, we're utilizing lead generation & email marketing.

In other words: We're building a list (aka list building), developing trust with that list, and we're making offers to our list - via email.

You can apply this process to market your own products or to promote other people's products. (aka affiliate marketing)

It's totally up to you how small or big you want to go with this.

Let's dive in.


This is how the "big picture" looks like:

Online Business Blueprint - schema

Our job is to drive traffic, generate the lead, and market (in a cool, helpful way) via email.

In the process, we're building our own following & email list which is very important.

Done right, this will serve us for years and decades.

Here's the process in more detail, step-by-step:

Step 1: Choose A Niche#

Chose a niche (or an area of interest) that you truly enjoy and want to build a sustainable, long-term online business around.

Make sure it’s a buyer-friendly vertical.


  • Make Money Online (Wealth)
  • Weight Loss (Health)
  • Adult Problems (Relationships)

Step 2: Pick A High-Converting Entry Offer#

Pick a high-converting, low-priced affiliate product (< $50) as your entry offer.

Free front-end funnels or trial offers usually work best.

Ideally, it’s a complete affiliate funnel that’s paying out at least 50% affiliate commissions throughout the entire funnel.

And if you can purchase license rights to get 100% commissions, that's even better.


Lazy Commissions

Step 3: Build Your Lead Capture System#

If you don't know how to do that, check out the Ultimate Marketing Vault.

It's currently only $17 (one-time) and it's the first upgrade offer after you get Lazy Commissions or Traffic Endgame.

In it, I share where and how exactly to host your mobile-responsive, lightning-fast page for 100% free.

This means: No monthly recurring hosting payments.

There's really no need to buy expensive "funnel building" software - especially when you're just starting out.

So check out the Ultimate Marketing Vault. (Upgrade 1 of Traffic Endgame)

After you set up your lead capture system, it's really simple:

Step 4: Drive Traffic To Your Lead Capture Page#

Choose a traffic source and send traffic to your pre-built capture page. (also known as opt-in page, or squeeze page)

Let your professional autoresponder automatically take over all of the following for you:

  • When a visitor enters their email address, it’s stored automatically in your autoresponder’s database, and you’re building your list.
  • Your new subscriber gets forwarded to your chosen affiliate offer. (the page they land on after the opt-in)
  • Your welcome email is sent out automatically in the background. (This email welcomes the new subscriber, and points back to your chosen affiliate offer)

Many auto responders let you collect your first 500 leads/subscribers for free. (for example GetResponse)

Here's How To Drive Tons Of Traffic - For $0.00

Step 5: Send Out A Daily, Helpful Email#

As you build your list (step 3), you send out a single daily valuable email that includes recommendations (affiliate offers) and provides additional help to your subscribers.

If you need more help with writing emails and your email marketing:

Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit - $0.00

And that's it!

Don't let the simplicity of this system fool you - it's powerful & just works!

Once you have set everything up, we focus on only two actions every day... 👉